At Our Core, We Enjoy

Creating joyful experiences that reward the visitor with an ecstatic journey to achieving complex destinations, and creating a desire to return.

Team Design Thinking

When working with a team, keeping the user at the center of the problem solving process, I leverage the Design Thinking framework to ensure we, as a team, understand the problem we are trying to solve as well validate it is the right problem with the help of insights from our users.

User Centric Narratives

The superpower of storytelling helps me create and affect empathy for the end user within every individual involved in the creation of the solution. The relatable narrative helps really understand the pain points of the end user(s) and keep the process of solutioning more user centric.

Message then medium

Problem solving for me starts with paper and a 6B - directed by function followed by the form. Once I have the anatomy and working of the skeleton in place, I love exploring new mediums to find the right visual and form language for the proposed solution.

Projects and Case Studies

A selection of works that illustrate our explorations for innovative approaches to creating
delightful experiences = happy users